Besides the typical fluffy ponies, several artists draw or write about fluffy subspecies.

Cottonpuffs Edit

Cottonpuff fluffies are rumored to be the result of a fluffy mating with a chipmunk or other small rodent. They are roughly hamster-sized, and always have white fur and black eyes, lacking manes. Unicorn, pegasus, and alicorn cottonpuffs do not exist. Cottonpuffs are even more fragile than normal fluffies, and it is quite easy for a human to break one in half with their bare hands. They are also much less intelligent, and speak in sentences that are even more broken than normal fluffspeak. Like hamsters, cottonpuffs may eat their own offspring.

Garden Fluffies Edit

Garden fluffies are larger than normal fluffies, and have plants growing on their backs. The plants use much of the nutrition that would otherwise power the brain, and as a result, garden fluffies are much slower than normal fluffies. Since their thought process moves so slowly, they have plenty of time to think about what they're going to say, and speak normally. They care about their plants above all else, and are devastated if the plants are removed without their consent. They may allow normal fluffies to feed on them, however.

Hunting Friends Edit

Hunting friends are a cannibalistic fluffy subspecies. They generally have a leaner build with less stumpy legs, and have sharp teeth for tearing fluffy flesh. They cannot speak. Hunting friends are smarter than normal fluffies, and can set up traps, which the gullible fluffies will inevitably fall into.

Jellenheimers Edit

It is debatable whether jellenheimers are even fluffies. Their body consists of four stubby legs and a torso, with no proper head or neck. They don't move much, just standing there and smiling. When they speak, they can do so without moving their mouths, and tend to be very polite. They are almost always red, with black eyes. Normal fluffies don't seem to notice them. Jellenheimers are often either hidden somewhere in a normal picture or are the subject of a horror work.

Micro-Fluffies Edit

Micro-fluffies are almost identical to normal fluffies, with the exception that they are very small.

Plant Fluffies Edit

Plant fluffies are similar to garden fluffies in the fact that they have a strong connection to plants, but unlike garden fluffies, who have a parasitic relationship with the plants on their backs, plant fluffies are plants. Plant fluffies are commonly featured having their foals harvested in bizarre abuse work.

Sea Fluffies Edit

Sea fluffies are aquatic fluffies. The design is highly inconsistent between artists, but they usually have fins, and have an aversion to air similar to the land fluffy fear of water. Some artists have them reproduce in a manner similar to seahorses, with the males carrying the young.