Not to be confused with smarty friends.

Smarty Syndrome is a phenomenon in which the typical fluffy pony attitude is completely turned on its head; While fluffies are normally kind, gentle, submissive creatures, smarty fluffies become arrogant, rude, and demanding.

Behavior Edit

Smarty Syndrome gets its name from the fact that afflicted fluffies refer to themselves as "Smarty", a name usually reserved for the leader of a herd. They believe themselves to be in charge, and thus worthy of the title. It is common for a fluffy with Smarty Syndrome to launch insults at anything that moves and threaten its caretaker with "sorry poopies", "sorry hoofies", and/or "forever sleepies" if its incessant demands are not satisfied.

Onset Edit

In some interpretations, a fluffy will suddenly turn into a full smarty, seemingly overnight, with no prior warning. Others show Smarty tendencies at birth. Another interpretation is a more gradual transition as the fluffy becomes more and more spoiled.

Recovery Edit

A factory reset and stricter rules and punishments are often the only foolproof way to cure a fluffy of Smarty Syndrome, especially if it is calling itself "Smarty". The point when a fluffy begins using the name is commonly seen as a point of no return. Almost all other attempts to stop the behavior will fail. If they somehow succeed and the fluffy is not faking obedience, it will often relapse the moment it gains any hint of control.